Prospect Management System

Leadsys® delivers quality data researched and customized for Sales and Marketing Professionals across the globe through an online web application


Accelerate Prospecting

Leadsys® helps marketing team to build lists for targeted campaigns in seconds. It's easy to download in spreadsheets makes the data easy to integrate with any marketing tool or CRM.

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Leadsys® Prospect Management System

"Leadsys® delivers quality prospect details researched and customized for Sales and Marketing Professionals across the globe through an online web application. Now, start improving your sales process with us."

Business Problems

Unable to find Business    Prospects?

Leadsys® brings you one Stop shop for all your Prospect worries. Now, find new prospects with the help of our specialized Live Data Members & Industry databases !

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Still spending days to Generate    Leads?

Shorten your Lead generation cycle with Leadsys® quick service. Now, make optimal utilization of your team efforts instead of wasting it on social networks and online databases looking for leads.

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Always Wondering how to get Latest Contact data?

Leadsys® Live data members work round the clock to provide you up-to-date contact details so that you never miss out on crucial opportunity.

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Unable to find details as per your requirement?

Leadsys® provides wide range of Customization to create your own unique database. Now, concentrate on your more important tasks while Leadsys® does your research.

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Leadsys Solution

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    Reach out to Targeted Prospects

    Leadsys provides a quick access to relevant business prospects. Simplify the initial lead generation process for your team to maximize their efforts towards closure.

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    Accelerate your Sales Process

    Leadsys brings all your relevant business prospect details at your fingertips. Shorten your sales cycle by reaching out to millions with the help of customized lists.

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    Generate more revenue and ROI

    Leadsys helps businesses generate more return on their marketing spends. Reach out to targeted global prospects in a cost effective way and increase your Sales.

What our Clients say

"A great option for Marketing and Sales Professionals in the IT Services, Software publishing, Software Consulting and ISV’s across the globe..."

- Steve Fischer, VP Marketing WEBSTREAM